Reactive attachment disorder

Taming the Wild Child

Helping parents make their child easy and cooperative

Is your child: Oppositional defiant disorder
controlling, bossy, manipulative, defiant, sneaky, argumentative, demanding, impulsive, explosive, oppositional, lying, stealing, and underachieving?
Do you feel:
out of control, helpless, demoralized, guilty, inadequate, and emotionally exhausted?

The Problem

Oppositional defiant disorderToo often, traditional treatment proves disappointing for badly behaved kids whose misbehaviors are diagnosed as

reactive attachment disorder

(RAD) or

oppositional defiant disorder (ODD); and sometimes

 attention deficit, bipolar, or post-traumatic stress disorders. Behavior modification proves ineffective, talk therapy disappoints, residential treatment fails and and medication doesn't treat the source of the child's anti-social behavior. In the meantime, the child becomes older and his behaviors even more distressing.

The Solution

Using the approach offered by the


Consultancy, parents usually find significant improvement in their child's behavior and attitude within four to six weeks and complete turnaround within months. The Consultancy accomplishes that by working with the mother (natural or adoptive) rather than with the child. There is no need for face-to-face meetings; instead, mothers are coached over the phone in weekly sessions to provide their problem child with a new way of relating--a way that leads the child to complete recovery. The child becomes cooperative, affectionate and easy to live with.

To the RAD Consultancy team's knowledge, there is no other therapy that gets results with the ease, economy, speed and effectiveness. Our method, called Corrective Communication, was pioneered by psychoanalyst Aaron Lederer, the RAD Consultancy's present founder and director.more

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