Reactive attachment disorder Reactive attachment disorder
Oppositional defiant disorderOppositional defiant disorder

Oppositional defiant disorder

Corrective Communication

Psychoanalyst Aaron Lederer says:

If you want to change a child, just change

the way you communicate with him.

Oppositional defiant disorderThe RAD Consultancy's Corrective Communication methods were developed by Aaron Lederer during more than 20 years of working with parents of out-of-control children. Corrective Communication relatively quickly and effectively leads these children, ranging in age from three to young adults, to become willing to cooperate; readily do what's needed even when they don't feel like it; and to delay or give up gratification when called for. It is especially effective with children suffering from insufficient early bonding with their mothers, usually diagnosed as reactive attachment disorder; or from failure to complete and leave behind their "terrible twos," usually diagnosed as oppositional defiant disorder. Most children with RAD suffer from ODD as well  A mother's story  It is therefore not surprising that so many of the children treated through The RAD Consultancy have been adopted.

As demand from parents grew, Lederer founded The RAD Consultancy, LLC, where highly qualified and licensed professionals, thoroughly trained and supervised by him, provide the service as well.  The corrective work is delivered to the child by the adoptive or birth mother under the guidance and supervision of Aaron Lederer or one of the RAD Consultancy's counselors. The mother becomes, in effect, the child's agent of change, getting the child to cooperate without struggle for no other reason than the simple and normal desire to please her, and then by extension, others as well.


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