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What is Corrective Communication?

If you want to change a child, just change the way you communicate with him, is the principle underlying Corrective Communication. As parents know so well, relating to their RAD and/or ODD child as to a normal child makes an awful situation even worse. Corrective Communication is a specialized way of relating that ends all power struggles and leads the child to become cooperative and affectionate.

Why use Corrective Communication?

Usual methods of treating out-of-control children, such as Behavior Modification, therapy, medication, and placement in a residential treatment center, too often prove disappointing; after two or three years of trying these methods, parents find that nothing changes except that the child is two or three years older. Corrective Communication usually leads to recovery, usually in less than a year.

How is Corrective Communication different?

Unlike all other approaches, Corrective Communication is applied to the child by his primary caregiver, usually his birth, adoptive, or custodial mother. The primary caregiver becomes, in effect, the child's sole change agent under the direction and supervision of the Corrective Communication counselor.

How does it work?

When the mother is ready to begin, one of The RAD Consultancy's experienced professionals is assigned to her as her counselor. She then calls her counselor once a week for a phone session that can last up to 50 minutes, during which time the past week is discussed and the mother is told what to do in the coming week and how to do it. The mother also has unlimited access to the counselor between the sessions by e-mail.

What is the role of the father?

With the mother being the child's sole change agent, the father's role is mainly to be supportive of the mother, although some things may be asked of him during the treatment process.

How soon will I know whether Corrective Communication is right for me and my child?

Because successful cases show significant improvement by the sixth session, we created a six-week test to assess results. If improvement is not seen by that time (something quite rare), we may advise discontinuing.

How long does it take?

The entire work focuses on turning the child around as quickly as possible. The length of treatment depends on the child's age and severity of symptoms. Treatment averages overall about six months. Cases involving young children average three months; those involving older children average six months; those involving teens average nine months; and those involving late- and past-teens may last up to a year.

How much does it cost?

The RAD Consultancy's fee is close to twice that of conventional therapy sessions. The fee is charged per session and includes the unlimited e-mail contact with the counselor between sessions. (Because the Corrective Communication treatment is effective so quickly, the treatment cost of the Corrective Communication treatment tends to be far less than that of other treatments.)

What about insurance?

We don't take insurance, but we will prepare and send you your claims for you to submit to your insurance Company.

What will I have to commit myself to?

The only commitment asked for is that each phone session be paid for in advance. You're free to discontinue at any time.

How do I pay?

Payments can be made by check or online through The RAD Consultancy's website,, using PayPal's easy but highly secure account system.

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