Oppositional defiant disorder Oppositional defiant disorder

Taming the Wild Child
From Living Hell to Living Well

Oppositional defiant disorder Is your child impossible to control?

Have you tried time-out, behavior modification, therapy, medication, all to no avail?

If so, you need to read Taming the Wild Child.

Psychoanalyst Aaron Lederer has devoted his entire professional life to developing ways for mothers to rescue their out-of-control children. He calls his method Corrective Communication and says, "If you want to change a child, just change the way you communicate with him."

In Taming the Wild Child, you will discover how mothers use Lederer's Corrective Communication to bring about dramatic improvement in their children within just four to six weeks. After a few months, their children typically turn completely around. When you apply these techniques, you will see:

Why punishing backfires and rewarding fails.
How to talk to your child in ways that make him want to cooperate.
How to get your child to assist in his own recovery.

Inspiring and motivating, Taming the Wild Child is filled with real-life examples of harrowing experiences and amazing transformations that will give you the hope and the confidence you need to bring your own lost child home.

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